Review of UA underwear

I’ve not found sports-specialist underwear for women very easy to find. There seems to be a lack of understanding about why ladies need performance kit and I hope that more brands start paying attention and providing us with a greater range of cheaper products.

Unlike the boys, we don’t need any support in this area 😉 but I do expect my underwear to stay in place, not chafe, and not to show through my Lycra yoga pants. 

And on a busy day when I do loads of classes, I’d like to stay fresh, if you know what I mean! I started my search in earnest after a particularly embarrassing patch of sweat stopped me enjoying my workout a few weeks ago. 

I found a few designs online (mainly American) but wasn’t thrilled with the hefty price tag. I work out almost every day and the price of this most basic aspect of my outfit was soon going to stack up. 

I came across these UA briefs in the Fitco store in my gym, after screwing up my courage and asking the guy behind the counter. Inconspicuously packaged, I’d never have spotted them otherwise! 

I was dubious about the “one size fits all” label, but decided to give them a go especially as I’m now a size 10. I don’t know how well they would work for other people, but they fit me pretty well, stay in place, and I have no complaints about pantylines. Even better, they performed perfectly on my busiest day of classes, wicking sweat so I could avoid that nasty sticky feeling. 

Pleased with the trial run, I’m going back to get more, as Fitco currently has them marked down by 40%. I wouldn’t be too happy if I had to pay the £10 RRP but even that is cheaper than the brands I originally saw online.


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