Top 5 free Fitness apps

1. MyFitnessPal

I’ve set a target weight and #MyFitnessPal advises a limited callorie intake. In addition, it lets me know if a food I’ve eaten contains a lot of a certain macronutrient (Vitamin a? Excellent! Sugar? Hmm maybe just the one then!) It’s been the most useful #portioncontrol tool, encouraging me to check the labels on what I buy, seek healthier alternatives, and cook #fresh more often.

2. Fitbit

I’ve already talked about how addicted I am to my #Fitbit in my post about #ViPR (here). I love the fact that it connects easily to other apps such as MyFitnessPal and #Bounts, reducing the amount of data input needed. It gives a good overview of general health including sleep, weight, hydration, nutrition and movement. I’m always motivated to move more by the challenges which I play against my work colleagues!

3. #David Lloyd

My club’s app is slick and easy to use. It allows me to browse, book and cancel classes (my workout staple) at the touch of a button.

4. #Nike+running 

I tried this out for the first time this week. There are some great features, like the ability to map your run and receive kilometre notifications as you go, and connect to a #spotify playlist. However I soon discovered that I was out of range for wifi needed for the pace-keeping playlist, so switched to one I’d previously downloaded. The problem was that every time I got a Km notification, it paused Spotify, and when I tried to resume Spotify it paused my Nikerun app! Combined with the inelegant battle with earphone wires and phone-holding armband, it all resulted in a bit of a faff. There must be a better way!

5. #Sworkit

This one might well become my go-to for rest days. So far I tried a 5 minute stretch (static stretches, better suited for cool down than warm up, unfortunately) and a 20 minute #yoga session. The yoga doesn’t flow terribly well (corpse pose to mountain pose in 0 seconds?) and the instructions would benefit from being delivered in more of a calm, explanatory yogi way. However the videos are good so you can perform the moves with a degree of confidence.